Frosted French Kiss

ParisPinkBlog:-: Voulez-vous d’avoir du plaisir avec moi :-:


On Starr:

Hair: [ MOON ] – Chloroform Mutt // *NEW* @ N°21
Necklace: [ Sabotage ] – Paris Chain // *NEW* @ N°21
Bodysuit: [ Lethal ] – Mother Mary Bodysuit
Top:  [ Revolver ] – Clear Plastic Cropped Tank (not shown on all avatars)
Skirt: [ Lethal ] – Clear Skater Skirt
Shoes: [ Co57 ] – Thigh High Noir
Nose Ring: [ Chary ] – Septum Ring – 11 // *NEW* @ N°21
Makeup: [ Pink Acid ] Ombre Lips – Pink
Tongue: [ TA ] – Ultimate Tongue



On Morai:

Jacket: [ Suberb Kids ] – Baby LA Varsity
Shorts: [ .Snips & Snails. ] – Aiden’s Briefs
Shoes: [ FLite ] – SWT
Glasses: [ .Sassy Bewtique. ] – Let’s Be Nerdy
Hair: [ iruco ] – Hair28

I was totally inspired by the NEW necklaces From SABOTAGE.  The melted Paris Chain totally looked like frosting!!  GO GET YOURS NOW!!!

♥ Starr


Pumpkin Spice

FallBlogPumpkinspice:-: All the good things come and go :-:


Hair: [ little bones ] Dark Chapel // *NEW* @ N°21
Dress: [ tb ] Oversized Tank – Off White
Jacket: [ Foxes ] Aviator Jacket // // *NEW* @ N°21
Shoes: [ ISON ] Thigh High Hoove Boots // *NEW* @ Collab88
Sunglasses: [ Epoque ] Catashtrophe Shades –  Nude
Bag: [ Co57 ] LV Neverfull Monogram Canvas – Giant
Necklace: [ glow ] studio – Feathers Cape

The leaves are falling and so is the money out of my wallet!! N°21 is absolutely my favorite new shopping event.  A monthly event featuring designers such as REIGN, FLite, Sabotage, Taketomi, and other super amazing quality designers!  It opens up on the 21st of each month, which means a new round just started!!  Click the image below for the link.
Love you my cupcakes


Bada Boom – Bada Bibingka


:-: Me love you long time :-:


On Left:
Hair: [ Exile ] Letters and Lipstick – Natural Fusion 2 // New @ Collab88
Top: [ Omiku ] Designer Tags! Crop Top // New @ The Red Carpet
Shorts: [ Reloaded. ] Denim Shorts // New @ The Red Carpet
Bodysuit: [ .So-Hai. ] Masacarade – Black
Gloves: [ Lethal Couture ] Sheep Skin Spiked Gloves
Shoes: [ -Pixicat- ] Gladiator Shoes – White // New @ Collab88
Lipstick: [ Pink Acid ] Elegant Lipstick – Coal

On Right:
Hair: [ Lamb ] Pandora // New @ Collab88
Top: [ Omiku ] Crosstop // New @ The Red Carpet
Skirt: [ Paperbag ] Black Cut Out Maxi
Shoes: [ ABL ] Black Leather Mini Plats // New @ The Red Carpet
Accessories: [ Noodles ] Aphrodite Fat Pack // New @ Collab88
Lipstick: [ Pink Acid ] Ploom Ploom Lips – Black
Face Makeup: [ MIAMAI ] Les Makeups – Yuki 21

There are 2 NEW Stores and 1 NEW event I MUST tell you about. Hot off the fashion runway are two NEW stores. Omiku by Ross, and Reloaded. The textures on both stores are DOPE!!! Definitely go check them out! Like RIGHT NOW!! ALSO!! We all love our discount fashion events. The NEWEST one is The Red Carpet!! Click that link for an instant TP. So many cute things but this round is almost over!! So hurry over my little muffins!!!
♥, Starr



Ok my little bloggers and bloggettes!!  I have the scoop on the newest shoes from REIGN.  And by scoop I mean, triple scoop chocolate fudge, topped with strawberries and wrapped in FABULOUSSSSSS!!!!  These shoes are amazing!!  I’m in love.  If you haven’t discovered REIGN yet, either your living under a rock…or….well…..just go!! BUY!!!  LIVEEE!!!

♥, Starr




 This *NEW* Style of Mesh shoe from REIGN is now available only at The Big Showthe big showClick ^^^ for TP



Reign black fair


These two *NEW* styles from REIGN come with a texture hud to choose from three different metal options.  They are available EXCLUSIVELY at: The Black Fair

black fashion fair

Click ^^^ for TP

Be My Baklava


:-: She was a legend…in more ways than one :-:


Hair: [ Fonde ] – Iggy Braid
Dress: [ Pixiecat ] – Gladiator Dress // *NEW* @ Collab88
Boots: [ ISON ] – Carazon Boot
Shoulders and Cuffs: [ Gspot ] – A Sirens call accessories
Lipstick: [ Pink Acid ] – Sarai Lipstick / Tangerine

Hello Cupcakes and Muffins ♥ I have missed you but i am officially back!  Did you miss me?  I missed you!!  Well Collab88 is currently celebrating their birthday with a Greek Gods and Goddesses round….and it is on FIRE!!!  Definitely save your lindens and get there!!!

Nutter Butter-fly


:-: He said he liked her because she was different :-:


Headpiece: [ Boudoir ] Butterfly Head Red // *NEW*
Dress: [ Sabotage ] Rasta Dress // *NEW*
Shoes: [ epoque ] Mesa Platforms
Handbag: [ welldone.atelier ] Crossed Clutch – Mustard
Lipstick: [ Pink Acid ] Ombre Lips – Sea Green
Ring: [ [F]oil ] 4 Way Spikes Ring – Gold

My little cupcakes, I finally got shadows!!!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness for graphic driver updates!! So here is my very first, ALL in-world shoot. No photoshopping at all! I am super excited. Not only that, but look at this DRESS and HEADPIECE!!! Ah!! Definitely go pick these up asap. Yet another exclusive mesh creation from Sabotage and a unique creation from Boudoir. ALSO….Pink Acid has to be my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE makeups. These ombre lips are hot! hot! hot! must haves for the summer!!

♥, Starr

Toxic Torte’


:-: It’s definitely worth the risk :-:


Hair: [ LaViere ] Freya
Mask: [ Sabotage ] Gas Mask // Yellow *NEW*
Dress: [ Miamai ] Orla // Snake
Bracelets: [ 7891. ] MoMo Bracelet // *NEW* @ Fi*Fridays
Ring: [ [F]oil ] Tube and Spikes Ring // *NEW* @ Fi*Fridays
Tights: [ XO ] Solid Black Garter
Shoes: [ Blackburns ] Black & White Gaga Platform Heels (completely modded for outfit)

Hey muffins!! This toxic post features three amazing designers! Miamai is a couture brand that has been around for a while. Definitely check out the Black Label items…you will always find beautiful, dark and twisted couture styles for women and men. Then there is SABOTAGE! Sabotage is one of the newest stores breaking all barriers in the fashion industry. Sabotage features many items that have exclusive mesh designs, found no where else. The owner, Reem Stona, also has the SoHo Market on the same sim as the main store. Definitely check out Sabotage, SoHo, and the SoHo Market. Then there is XO Designs. Designer Lana Abbadon, has the cutest fashions at affordable prices. A pioneer in 100% authentic, personally created textures makes her outfits one of a kind!

♥, Starr

Easter Candy


:-: If you can find them….they’ll melt in your mouth :-:


On Left:

Hair: [ Amacci ] Pythia // NOW @ the.event HOLLYWOOD
Earrings: [ VINTAGE Jewels ] Hollywood Earring // NOW @ the.event HOLLYWOOD
Jacket: [ DIRAM ] BLAKE Blazer
Top: [ GIZZA ] Hollywood Gift (top of dress) // NOW @ the.event HOLLYWOOD
Bottom: [ Sunny’s ] Highwaisted Cut White Shorts
Shoes: [ N-core ] *NEW* Addiction

On Right:

Hair: [ Magika ] Volume
Lipstick: [ Pink Acid ] Bubble Gum Pop Lip Gloss // NOW @ Soho Market
Dress: [ ColdAmbitionz ] Cutie Ombre Dress // NOW @ Soho Market
Easter Basket: [ Bowtique ] Easter Egg Basket
Egg: [ Bebotes ] Playing Three Friends at Easter Pose
Shoes: [ N-core ] COQUETE Platform – Pale Pink Zebra // NOW @ the.event HOLLYWOOD

Happy Easter to ALL my little chocolate bunnies out there!! Pastels, flowy fabrics, and fun patterns are a given come spring time. Don’t be afraid to mix some hard lines with softer silhouettes!! When it comes to looking fabulous while Easter-egg hunting, don’t be afraid to have someone do all the picking for you!! And when it comes to bargain hunting, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT THE SOHO MARKET!!! The impeccable STONA family invites you to browse the wonderful fashions and designs with a 60L price tag!!

Much love to your friends and family!

♥ Starr



:-: Being inside his jeans never felt so good :-:


Hat: [ Bad Unicorn ] Cunt Snapback Hat
Hairbase: [ unBra ] Hairbase for tan skins / BLONDE 12
Hair: [ LeLutka ] Magdalen // pony
Earrings: [ G&T Creations ] Full diamond earring – Mega
Lipstick: [ R.icielli ]
Top: [ Wednesdays ] Bra Pink Striped
Boxers: [ Cestar ] Cestar Cueca
Pants: [ Cestar ] Calca HD
Wrap: [ COCO ] Shirt-tied-around-Waist – Boyish Check
Gloves: [ Eclat ] Lace Fingerless Gloves
Rosary: [ NSD ] Rock’n’Rolla Strapped
Bracelets: [ ATTIC ] Spike Bracelets

Day 5 of 7!! Don’t be afraid to let your inner bitch out at times. It’s good to show your well-rounded! 😉 Pick up a pair of mens jeans, whether off the floor before he wakes up, or out of his closet….steal a snapback, and embrace your alternative side of fashion!
♥ Starr